Using models generated with NiemanSculpt (or modified versions of these models) for commercial purposes requires purchase of a license for each unique design used commercially. Users with a NiemanSculpt Pro software license receive a 50% discount on commercial use licenses.

What counts as commercial use?

Commercial use is defined herein as any use that has a profit motive or that directly or indirectly produces revenue. Examples include but are not limited to:

    • Using images or videos (real or rendered) of a model created in part or in whole with NiemanSculpt, or the model itself, in an advertising campaign or for promotional purposes
    • Using NiemanSculpt to design some or all of a commissioned model
    • Selling instructions for a model designed in part or in whole with NiemanSculpt (one license required per design, not per copy sold)

Monetized videos are exempt from this requirement, so long as the video in question does not promote a paid product or service or a for-profit organization or initiative. However, such videos must abide by the attribution requirement.

Please contact with any questions regarding licensing. You will receive a reply within 24 hours.

Purchasing a License

One license is required per unique model that will be used in a way that satisfies the above definition of commercial use.  If you use NiemanSculpt to design some or all of a model of which you sell multiple copies (or multiple copies of instructions), you only need one license for that model. If you use the NiemanSculpt program several times and combine the models it outputs into a single model, you only need one license for that end product. However, if you separately modify a single model produced by NiemanSculpt into two unique designs and use each commercially, you need two licenses.

The license fee is US$45 per unique model used commercially ($22.50 for NiemanSculpt Pro users), as per above. The NiemanSculpt attribution requirement is waived for models for which a license is purchased. Purchasing a license also entitles you to priority support. This includes help with troubleshooting 3D models and possibly minor customizations to the program to suit specific needs, within reason. For more ambitious custom solutions, see below.

To purchase one or more licenses, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. You will receive an invoice via PayPal for the purchase within 24 hours.

Custom Solutions

If you need a custom solution beyond the current capabilities of NiemanSculpt, please send a description of your project to

As an example of what’s possible, a special version of NiemanSculpt exists that is optimized for terrain creation, as shown below; this version uses different generation styles within a single model based on .obj materials, adds customizable surface texturing and color randomization for each material, and uses a custom file format to support automatic placement and color/texture/rotation randomization of pre-designed plant models. This and other custom solutions are available on a case-by-case, paid basis.

Purchase a License
For invoices and/or follow-up communications.
US$45 per license; a PayPal invoice will be sent to the above-provided email address within 24 hours.
Enter your NiemanSculpt Pro software license key for a 50% discount.
If you wish to keep the nature of your project confidential, simply enter 'Project #1' or similar. This information is used only to differentiate licenses.


For all other inquiries—or if a license purchase request has not been answered within 24 hours—please email