All public posts or displays that feature models designed in part or in whole with NiemanSculpt software must attribute NiemanSculpt. By using NiemanSculpt, you are agreeing to comply with this requirement.*

*Does not apply for commercial use licenses or for users who have purchased a NiemanSculpt Pro software license.


What counts as a public display?

Sharing images, videos, digital design files, or instructions of your model online, be it on YouTube, Instagram, or any other public social media platform, counts as a public display. Offline, any display at LEGO conventions or other public or semi-public venues counts.

What counts as attribution?

For models displayed at conventions or in public spaces, a few words on a MOC card or sign to the effect of “Designed with NiemanSculpt” will suffice. When sharing online, you can put a similar note in the description of social media posts or mention NiemanSculpt verbally in videos. Feel free to use #NiemanSculpt as well.

I made some modifications to the model NiemanSculpt produced. do I still need to attribute?