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If you’ve encountered an error or issue while using NiemanSculpt, please report it below. If you have .ldr, .obj, .mtl, .stl, or image files that would be required to replicate the error, please report your issue by emailing those files and a description of the problem to

NiemanSculpt is being actively updated, so bugs are likely to be fixed within days or weeks.

You may also request any feature you’d find useful below.

Report a Bug or Suggest a Feature
If you need to include relevant files, please contact us at instead.
Please provide your email to allow us to follow up on any issues.


Most errors encountered in NiemanSculpt will likely pertain to sculpture generation. Obj files in particular are common sources of errors because a large number of 3D modeling programs export .obj files, and many do so poorly or in nonstandard formats.

NiemanSculpt’s .obj importer is relatively robust and should handle most variations in file format. However, if you do encounter an error with an .obj file (or an .stl file), please report the issue above. In the interim, your best bet is to import the file into Blender (a powerful free 3D software) or a similar program, and re-export it in the same format. If Blender is unable to import the file, then the fault lies with the file’s original creator.